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BG stars??

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I have a customer through the dealership claiming that at night, when looking in the rear view mirror, headlights appear like stars. She brought it back last week and drove with the service manager and its now being described like looking through a kaleidoscope?! Ive only been tinting 4.5 years, but Ive never had this complaint before. Any insight is always appreciated!

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It's because the tint is "tenting" over the defoster grid. It happens sometimes, and there's not much that can be done about it.

I've had it happen a few times, and would love to tell the person to stop looking at his mirror so much and pay attention to the road ahead!

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Have had cars, in years past, where customers complained about something similar to this problem. Has to do with the angle of the glass and the "tenting" of the film and creating a type of visual affect where the lights rays reflect off the edge of the defroster and the film creating the starburst look. That's the only way I know to describe it. Not all cars do this, only ones with just that right, wrong, angle of glass with added window film. Only a hand full of people ever notice this problem.

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