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And the winners are...... WINNERS

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Wow, lots of post! Thank you all for participating in the DVD raffle :woot2 

One lucky post won the complete Learning Library for Auto Window Tinting with the 15th DVD on Shaving the Edge included!

post #1456 from @highplains wins first place!

The next five lucky members win the DVD titled Braking Down the Barriers 

#1752 @Englandh37

#423   @one_slick_tinter

#135   @OverLord

#1747 @DaHatta

#857   @jh812

Numbers from random.org 


Winners can pm me your name and address and I will get your DVD's out. Thanks again everyone for the fun. Thank you to @TintDude for making all this possible. To keep the forum great takes lots of work and constant upkeep to make it a place where we can all get to virtually know each other, share stories and information. Great moderators here :twocents thank you for your work!

tintdude.com is my go to place on the Internet to relax and enjoy the company of others interested in what we all do. 

For those who didn't win :( but who are interested in upping your auto tinting skills I offer a pretty dang good discount from listed DVD prices on the Learning Library for members here. Just message me and I will be happy to work with you. 

Cheers all, live life like everyday is your last 



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