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Tint Meter

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Hello all!


So i just left my tint meter in the back of a car that drove away the other day. Unfortunately they did not schedule so i didn't get their number ;(


Short story shorter I NEED A NEW TINT METER.      

Any suggestions on the best/cheapest tint meters? Anybody have an extra that they can sell? And ship to Cincinnati?


There is one on amazon for $100 that measures VLT, IR, and UV all in one, which i think is a little bit suspect because others that only measure VLT can go for 200-400?


Can i go cheap here? Or should i pay for quality?


Thanks and WHO DEY! 

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Yeah laser labs has their two piece on sale with free shipping right now for 129. Normal price is 149 plus shipping. Don't mess with that one piece you'll always regret not going with the two



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