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  1. Sorry Marcus. I worked on a 5 series BMW Monday here in Georgia and the customer had this material on the side doors and it literally turned the top of the door panels to a gummy residue. I have a couple patents under my belt for other applications, but, a pending application gives you time to work on those bottoms and sides as to make it an application consumer’s can apply and feel comfortable knowing the product performs as intended with common sense knowledge. not being facetious by any means, just would be a hard sell to the professional film installers in this forum. remember back in the day road runner and wile coyote……back to the drawing board. cheers
  2. Sounds like Llumar Air 80 or 90 series.
  3. Shop needs to make it right. brand new truck. That sucks. They need to replace windshield and have one of their other installers reinstall and you can be sure they will pay attention next time. Cheers
  4. Well Sir. I believe you have a few things going on. first, did you notice this back then? second, you mentioned you tried to clean inside and out yourself?, what did you use and how? last, try alcohol and water mix to clean and a separate towel to wipe residue that is left. Looks like you left a bit of window cleaner behind and it dried. pics don’t do much for all that. looks as it could have been cleaned and wiped side to side and then up and down and walked away. no abrasive or crazy scrubbing should have been done. if it took a year to notice it, it most likely isn’t the install. just saying. cheers.
  5. Definitely installer. I would say a complete, unconscious rush job. Edge of front door, definitely from a rush file job. Obviously from the jagged edges up and around the top. that rear window even has a fine cut line down the side where the blade cut off the film prior to laying and shrinking. Audi and VW are known for soft glass. Maybe there was a lot of dust and debris settled on the film when he hard carded it for shrinking. I’ve seen a window or two over the years but never every window. I hope they make it right for you. You shouldn’t have to polishanything. That is just bad workmanship.
  6. You mentioned dry bubbles. Are you spraying the glass as well as the film? Sounds like you need more solution coverage. dry bubbles and milk lines mean you are not getting a uniform disbursement of the solution between the glass and the adhesive. let me know Cheers
  7. All I can say is WOW. dan, I am glad I wrapped my carbon fiber road bike myself.
  8. Is it inside or outside?, of the glass.
  9. Jersey is tough my friend. in the last four years, they have put an insane amount of restrictions on you. that is may I went south
  10. That is definitely now from an installer, even if it were Ray Charles. cut scratches would have been around the outside edge of the the glass where it is cut. keep in mind, any scratches on the interior area on the outside of glass is more pronounced when film is added to the inside. hope this helps PS, Chevy truck front doors are notorious for this. cheers
  11. I actually started my career in 82 and what I can say, most are much easier these day. If it was in your blood, it is still there my friend
  12. Heineken Mini Fridge.... Every time he opens the door he will think of you 😎
  13. Thank VW for putting their defroster lines so close together on your particular model, the pitch and angle of the rear glass will cause that when a film is applied. Cheers
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