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  1. Wouldn’t even get out of bed
  2. Would you work for that with no benefits?
  3. I play cards twice a week with lawyers and business owners. good luck keeping a good installer. the installers keep you afloat, take care of them. mine make 40-90 an hour
  4. 12 -14 an hour? I wouldn’t even get out of bed. do you have any idea the training and experience an installer went through to be where they are at?
  5. We need to know how to contact you. Thank you

    without that no one can respond Sir

  6. Yes we do. what we charge will be different from your location. Last, not sure if they are successful in installing. I would think so from the price they pay for what they purchase.
  7. I have to ask why you keep mentioning the IR rejection as to the film? I would like to know is all.... they have a quality product. I don’t believe IR measures has anything to do with the installation of a quality. Please advise me... unless you are trying to use InfraRed heat rejection as an up sell to a film line... if that is the case, you are wasting your time. InfraRed has nothing to do when installing a film to a glass. we are all here to educate each other and gain knowledge and work on our experience. InfaRed doesn’t pass through glass, so why bust your brain? TSER is your basis for the different grade of film. If you are looking for a material that reflects as apposed to absorb, your best bet is metalized HP films.
  8. I believe Madico has an HP line, if you like the Madico you are accustomed too, go with that. It will reject more heat than their other films. HP is a metalized material which helps with reflecting instead of absorbing the heat.
  9. I seen that too. He is only surviving on fishing in new customers until they all come back with rework and drop his film
  10. Dry or wet shrink? We do a lot of these. Try anchoring closer to the top and you have less to shrink
  11. Sounds like adhesive failure from a two ply film. Don’t know without pics Cheers
  12. Keep seeing Porsche mentioned. Is this a pickup and a diamond plate tool box? a number of factors here. There are grit paints done at factory and flake after time..... we need more info. year make model cheers
  13. Is that max pro film? Horrible material what ever it is. I believe if you want the installer to replace, shouldn’t be an issue. I believe this is a material issue due to clarity cheers