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  1. I retired just in time ! I only tint for play money from now on.... trying to NOT WORK for the rest of the month.......got some jet skis that need to get into the water
  2. close shop and move somewhere and open a new one ?
  3. florida tinter

    florida tinter

  4. call the customer and tell them you DIED and get someone else to do the job
  5. get a refund and next time don't go to the cheapest tinter.....this guy looks like he is learning the trade
  6. so I went to 1010 to order blades and other things ....but there is no pricing and it said contact us for pricing....its Sunday morning and they are closed......they just lost my business.....
  7. if you are near FORT MYERS hit me up and I will test the film for ya......
  8. 3m cs is good...their premium = trash ! Johnson I used over 10 years ago.....faded max pro= STAY AWAY ! issues here in South Florida less than 18 months.....
  9. also you need to squeegee the film evenly
  10. amc pacer...... any Bmw (only because of the clients in them) vw is off my list now also.... porsche 928 I'm retired now so I only pick the easies to do .......
  11. I just don't tint those cars.....easy way too much work out there to tint unwanted vehicles...... but that's just simple me 😉