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  1. that's from cutting the film on the outside ...either wrong , or dull blade on knife......I had to replace a windshield or two from this....
  2. I have a list of ( pass on this one ) cars I will not do.if it looks difficult or hard to pronounce the name of the car.....send them on their way....way too many easies to work on....plus I'm retired now if I don't like the way a customer sounds on the phone, pass........ good customers and easies and ill do your project
  3. I'm joining you on this wagon man !
  4. after a few years the 3M looses the heat rejection / personal cars show me that with a 2015 Camry and 2015 Prius not sure about the Rayno yet
  5. just retired for a year now , started tinting in 1980 , but can't stop working.... its pretty cool to know you don't need to tint , but only do it when you feel like it huh ? nice setup you got there !
  6. pretty easy .....go get a phone and call a local installer and tell him to come do it....... not being sarcastic .... but it won't be much and it will look nice.....I learned always leave the things I don't feel comfortable with to the people that do it all day
  7. I remember doing those when they were new....bak in the day before I knew heat shrinking was possible
  8. just do a GOOD job and reasonable prices and people will recommend ya....you will get busy.....where in central jersey are ya ?
  9. on older cars I start the motor while doing roll ups .......... its not my gas !
  10. easy tint ......and agree on the doubling price of large suv 👆
  11. looks like a stork flying ! cool .....keep it I once saw lint in a car rear window in a heart shape......that was a keeper in my opinion
  12. re- tint over glue.......let it dry for a week or so.......let the car sit in the sun so the glass gets HOT then remove and it may take off the glue with it this time let me know if this works.........
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