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  1. if you are near FORT MYERS hit me up and I will test the film for ya......
  2. 3m cs is good...their premium = trash ! Johnson I used over 10 years ago.....faded max pro= STAY AWAY ! issues here in South Florida less than 18 months.....
  3. also you need to squeegee the film evenly
  4. amc pacer...... any Bmw (only because of the clients in them) vw is off my list now also.... porsche 928 I'm retired now so I only pick the easies to do .......
  5. I just don't tint those cars.....easy way too much work out there to tint unwanted vehicles...... but that's just simple me 😉
  6. im in the same boat ! real estate is way easier for sure.....not a good idea to post that you hid money tho ..........
  7. I think 20k is fair price to learn to have a highly profitable business !
  8. anyone want to take over my business ? retiring .... email me at tint4you@gmail.com if interested
  9. under an hour......ive been tinting since 1980 and tinted over 40,000 cars......and if you want to take over my business we can talk .....
  10. almost 62 and still working 7 days a week!....cant stop....just trying to slow down....tinting since 1980. I do take a lot of vacations tho 😉 love the career!
  11. I am going to agree with the poor customer service! terrible !
  12. go to a shop that can show you with a btu meter......there is a difference
  13. anyone interested in taking over a south florida mobile tint business? www.tint4you@gmail.com
  14. I got a paper cut counting 100 dollar bills once......