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  1. I remember doing those when they were new....bak in the day before I knew heat shrinking was possible
  2. just do a GOOD job and reasonable prices and people will recommend ya....you will get busy.....where in central jersey are ya ?
  3. on older cars I start the motor while doing roll ups .......... its not my gas !
  4. easy tint ......and agree on the doubling price of large suv 👆
  5. looks like a stork flying ! cool .....keep it I once saw lint in a car rear window in a heart shape......that was a keeper in my opinion
  6. re- tint over glue.......let it dry for a week or so.......let the car sit in the sun so the glass gets HOT then remove and it may take off the glue with it this time let me know if this works.........
  7. I have a mercedes van i tint out of......and YES !!!!! electronics all over the place go bad......so many warning lights go on for a day or so then go off.....radio already issues and I can go on..... new vehicles and their bugs......I guess the engineers from years ago were better than the new ones designing and putting stuff together
  8. he re tinted it.....you found a good tinter !
  9. 2002 toyota ? my question in response is what took so long to get the car tinted ?
  10. I go with old timers response......if I did that I would re do it or refund .....I'm thinking the installer does not do a lot of windshields...... the more one does the better they come out.....
  11. that is according to the Federal law in the USA all states are required to leave rear brake light that way
  12. pretty easy tint the doors......but.....rear glass covers engine compartment customer did not want that tinted but I was wondering if anyone should do it? the heat from the engine gets the inside of the glass HOT ! not good for film in my opinion.