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streaks and fog

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Tinted a 15’ gti this summer. Customer called maybe September / October asking how to clean the the windows real well and if he should use towels or paper towels etc.


I told him use the spray way glass cleaner and I use bounty paper towels.


Customer calls today saying he’s had nothing problems with streaks and it’s bad at night? He doesn’t want to put his window down at night because it streaks, he described it at slime but i thinks that’s dramamtic. It definitely seems to be condensation in the car. It has been months since I tinted his car any dampness inside the door panel would have dried by now .


Anyone heard of or experienced excessive streaking months after the job? Sounds like it’s the vehicle to me it does not make sense the tint would cause excess condensation. Since 2011 I have never had a call regarding streaking like this. 

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My response to that is always, "how soon can you bring it in so we can take a look at it". As far as the streaks go there's no telling till you lay eyes on it. Likely it's nothing to do with your film or install but they always respond better when you make it urgent for them to come in.

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Just guessing, but one thought could be a heater core issue in the car. It will fog up the car and antifreeze vapor will get on the glass making it very hard to clean, and have a oily residue. The "only at night" statement is probably that it's only noticed at night because of the interior reflection after the film was applied making it noticeable.

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I had a very angry customer call and tell us that he had streaks on his windows and they cant get it out. Told them to bring it in. The streaks were on the outside and it was just oily residue and just needed to be wiped off. We gave them a free step by step training of how to clean windows.

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