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What are the better and best tint brands?

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Xpel, SolarFX, or Global are going to be best to keep similar pricing to Solargard.  Llumar is going to be higher priced with price increases almost every year.  3M is also more expensive and is much more difficult to install...there are many 3M dealers that can't install anything besides the base film.

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There’s a lot of choices and a lot of good films. I’ve had the opportunity to work extensively with Llumar/Formula One, SunTek, Madico, and Global and a few others.  For a standard base film, Global QDP has always been my favorite. I’ve always felt it’s easy to work with and installer friendly. Looks good too. It really comes down to personal preference. 

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best is very relative. 

3m has been pretty problem free for me for 10 years and the support is pretty good from the distributor.


we have also been using the Yolo brand for a few years now as our value option and it has held up well and the support is great. 


Support is one of my biggest things that concerns me. I dont do flavor of the month. Support me and i stay with the brand

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