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Help! New PPF Installation issues

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Hi guys. I just got an entire car PPF installation done on my new Tesla Model S two weeks ago and it's starting to develop issues. I went back to the installer and he claims these are normal. Just wanted to get your feedback whether this is truly the quality of installation I should expect? 







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Sometimes a lifted edge can happen after the car has left the installer's shop, especially if it is driven away in the rain or at the car's first wash after installation.  However, these problems CAN be repaired and I always ask my customers to give everything a good looking over about a week after they get the job done for anything that might need some attention.  Typically a quick (10-15 minutes) fix and the problems shouldn't come back.


After that first week or so you should have years and years of no problems and no rock chips!


(Great example pictures by the way!  Usually it's a blurry far away picture of a problem that is hard to see!)

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Most of that looks like the underside of edges he tucked but possibly didn't heat down.  Simple trim up should fix most of that.  I wouldn't say it was a poor install for the underside of edges not being perfect.  If that was on the top side then maybe yes.  

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