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Moisture bubbles Xpel gel under stealth film

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Been detailing for a long time and have started testing the PPF waters. I've been experimenting with different slip/install solutions. One issue I'm having is with the Xpel gel. No matter how diligent I am with my squeegee I end up with gel pockets. Wondering if these will dissipate over time? They are about the size of a dime or nickle.


Baby shampoo slip seems to be much friendlier and easier to squeegee out but I keep hearing that gel is better for beginners. What am I missing?



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6 hours ago, nikki said:

different glue layer,different effect.

Do you have interesting to test our film?

Our film comes with micro adhesive bonding technology,it's easier for installation.

We can send you free A4 samples for test.

How about an introduction and what film you're offering?  You just show up here pushing unknown product with no backstory.  Help us out.

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I used the Xpel Gel when it first came out, partially because it would stay in place on a vertical surface, like a bumper.  Otherwise, I wasn't a big fan.  Especially as the early (First 6 months or so) had little black specks in the 5 gallon jugs that would ruin a full hood, or bumper installation.   


Switched to Baby Shampoo.  Winner winner.  Cheaper, and stocked everywhere.  Smells better.  If it gets into your eyes... no problem.  Some people have said Baby Shampoo Can replace Gasoline to get you down the road, or charge up your electric vehicle. (Gasoline & electric charge unverified by independent tests, do not try...)


Baby shampoo FTW.  Just experiment with different amounts till you find what works best for you.

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I think I figured out one of the biggest reasons for my issue which is squeegee technique. I've been holding it at too shallow an angle & so even pushing with two hands wasn't getting all the solution out from under the film. Gel is more pronounced because of it's viscosity. Holding it at the proper angle and overlapping swipes has virtually eliminated the issue.


Lesson learned.


Still wondering if the gel pockets will dissipate. Pic is typical of the size.




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@djgarrett21, those spots will go away.  Just keep them out of direct sunlight on hot days and allow them to evaporate at their own speed.  Generally they should go away in an hour or so, but that can vary greatly due to the level of moisture, as well as the humidity and temp.  Keep in mind that our clear coat is very thick, which is great for durability, but also makes moisture evaporate more slowly.

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I was just about to mention your squeegee techniques but looks like you figured it out.  


Also keep in mind to squeegee with the contours of the car and try to leave yourself an out for all the solution to go to.  If you close off all the perimeter of a panel before you squeegee you'll not be able to push it all out so try to foresee the process before you start it.  There will be high points on certain panels that will start to dry faster and you need to anticipate those types of things, if they start to dry before you squeegee over them you can cause issues and marks in the film.


On more difficult panels, mainly bumpers, I actually visualize and walk through it before I do it and it helps greatly to identify high points and large pockets before you actually install the film.  (keep in mind I bulk bumpers no kits)  


Just some things to think about.



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