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1 hour ago, no ma'am said:

Sweeps do not come off easily. Top seal on back doors do. I still pulled the panels, it was sketchy with the way they do the trim around the handles. 

You mean that thick seal on the slanted part of the back door? Was panel removal pretty straightforward? Thanks! 

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26 minutes ago, TintDude said:

@intdud:blink What makes you think he's a DIYer? He asked if the sweeps need to come off, not some BS about "choosing the right film" or "manufacturer's guidelines for your specific vehicle". 

Thank you! 😅 You took the words out of my mouth.  You're exactly correct, not a DIYer, I've been at it for 30 years.  The lucid got done months ago, it took extra patience but came out fantastic.  Customer had me wrap it with PPF all-around. 

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