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Moral Question...

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Okay, so today I got a call from somebody. He said he had a 60" by 25' roll of film he found on the street somewhere and wondered if I wanted to buy it from him. He told me it was in the box when he found it but now it's just in the plastic sleeve. He told me the brand and I knew whose film it was because there's only one dealer in this town who uses that film. The dealer in question is one I've mentioned before in my area who lies to customers, is aggressive with customers, and does terrible work.

What would you have done?

The name and number is on the caller ID of the guy who called me, BTW.

I'm not asking what you think I should have done, I'm just asking what YOU would do.

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I would call the owner of the film, and tell him the situation and give him the info you have... and then let him handle it...

I would personally appreciate it if someone did that for me.... so I guess it's a do on to others thing for me..

I doubt my competitors would do it for me tho.. they seem to all be out for themselves... but that's not how I operate.. :twocents

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Guest Jerry250f

Well, being that the guy said he found it on the street. If he didn't pay nothing for it then why would I help him make a buck for nothing?

I would call the other guy up.

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Guest StreetsAheadWindowTinting
I would probably call the guy and give him the guys #... you never know may be a thief :twocents

Bingo, what goes around comes around.

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