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82 El Camino back glass


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You are going to want to clean all the excess urethane from the inside as you can to make room for your film. Once it's all cleaned out (it's a chore) make a pattern from the INSIDE with a liner or freezer paper, the inner dimensions are much larger that the outer.


Use that pattern to cut your film, then shrink the film on the outside as normal. It's a pretty easy 1 piece shrink. You may have to do the top and the bottom separately because of lack of room.

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I will give that a shotTD. Mybuddy told me the same thing about the inside being larger than the outside. its good to know that it can be done in one piece fairly easy. I gotta remove some old film too, so hopefully most the urethane will be gone.

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Hopefully they don't want it "perfect" or you need to remove the window....price it high enough to be able to pay to remove.... then you can lay the film on the "inside" of the glass with liner towards you and it shrinks like a fairly normal window.  Then you flip the film over to cut it out.....


Shrinking on the outside is really weird as the curve is backwards. 


No really good way to do those....

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