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Doesn't know how to drive a manual!?!?!

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We tinted a Chevy Cruze for one of our local Dealerships.  We finished, called them and they sent 2 lot rats.  We give them the paperwork and check them out.  A few minutes later they come back in and ask if anyone in our shop could drive them back to their dealership and they'd give us a ride back in a different vehicle.

Well after more questioning the truth came out that neither of them had ever driven a manual transmission before and couldn't get it back to the lot!  They were both embarrassed! 

Shoot, I don't even drive but I know how to drive a stick/manual!

Too Funny!

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We have that problem at both places I work, neither of the helpers can drive manuals. We had a customer do a late drop off for the next day, and the helper was the only one there for the day. He went to move it inside to lock up shop and couldn't move it, ended up getting the secretary next door to pull it in.

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While I currently drive an auto, I, as well as everyone in my family, have always known how to drive manuals and over the years have had them off and on.


I think everyone should learn, regardless if they actually have one. You never know when you might want or need to drive it. If your a passenger with your friend who drives a manual, and they can't drive it, sick, drunk, etc. you gotta know how to get home. :thumb

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