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Window tinting software

what software do you use  

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  1. 1.

    • precisioncut
    • computer cut
    • Tint/tek 20/20
    • film designs
    • firstcut
    • other

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I've used computercut and now use precision cut. computercut had a much nicer setup for applications in the cut window. it was also much more user friendly than precision cut. also had a much nicer way of looking at patterns without putting them into the cut window and you can have many patterns IN the cut window.

as far as the patterns themselves once cut....precision cut is more accurate. BUT....I haven't used computercut in a few years so they might have improved the patterns since then. when I used computercut I basically only used it for the graphics. the patterns were that bad. precision cut is the opposite for me. I don't use it for graphics much at all but I use it for cutting tint patterns every day.

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Precision Cut. I like the versatility in CC but I don't need all the graphics features and for the money I will stick with Precision Cut.

for precision cut you have to use a manu's film or can you use any,is there a big differance in price compared to cc,thanks for any reply

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