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Pathetic BMW owners

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I've read on here a lot about|\|4L BM owners over the years and you know today I agree.

I'm pulling off a near enough to perfect job this morning and I'm kicking the guy out the door once I get it off.

This turd has been out with a magnifying glass and inspected every square inch of the whole job and has emailed a page of discontent.

If it was a sh***y job I'd be the first to cop it on the chin but this is not the case so the best thing I reckon is to tear it all off, get him to go elsewhere and see what a real bad job is about...the car...335 coupe 2010.

He has even complained about the white dot matrix edges despite me telling him prior what the result would be.

Never again. :dunno


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Guest tint325i

I just did that with an m3, brand new m3 back 3 windows, looked great in carbon 18 which sits really nice on the matrix at the top of the back glass on these, guy moaned about visible matrix on back glass and around sides, doesnt matter how much you explain to certain people or show them pics of previous bmws they will just never be happy with anything, it was more this guys attitude tbh, there was nothing wrong with the install, ultra clean, I tint loads of bmws can do them with my eyes closed, was raging that this 99% perfect job wasnt good enough, dont get me wrong we all have problem cars and off days where maybe they dont quite make the 99% but not on bmws, they are bread and butter to me, I tint more of them than anything else, he thought the car was coming back in to be re-tinted, when he came to collect it it was stripped and accompanied with a refund, he didnt know what to say, would love to see the car again and see if its been done yet

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Guest untouchable

Bmw guys can be crazy especially if it is a M car. But my past experience I would have to say the vette guys are the worst. Not that I stereo type or any thing like that. I mean come on I have a friend that has a vette. :dunno

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