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No time for bandages!


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Ok, so as a young trainee I saw a number of times all u rock solid tinters just super glueing all your cuts and slices back together..... I used to think you we're all crazy. Well, the time came. I managed to get myself quite a deep cut across my finger from the tint I was installing on a hatch rear screen as I slid my finger across to tuck it in the edge, I tried band aids and bandages but it soaked through them and wouldn't stick. *lightbulb* *first trainer "just glue it back together and your sweet* looked around and only had hot melt glue, so in a spate of a blood rush I whacked the heat gun on, got the stick of glue, got it to melt and painted a masterpiece of my finger. Bled a bit so the glue fell off when it hardened, second time it was okay, stuck, stopped the bleeding and hey, carries on with te windups. My question is: now my finger, doesn't look infected but its sore as hell! Probably know the answer already, but was this really a good idea, and if the problem arises should I not listened to the old meat head who trained me?

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It's all good 35, even if you lose that finger you still have 9 more ( well 7and 2thumbs) Time to man up. Haha.

Haha your right f**k it. Probably not doing it justice with "paper cut" the reason I cut it anyway was I had to smash it out as the delivery guy came with his little signature machine, didn't look so impressed when I said "signed wit me own blood and bone arghhh" in a pirate voice after I gave him a new paint job!

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Yeah I don't know that I'd use a glue gun... just super glue..

Another thing I keep with me is adhesive tape. It's waterproof, so does pretty good with blood... and it's super sticky, so it tends to keep the skin together. I found it at the drug store in the bandage section. Just use the tape - no papertowels or anything. It's not bulky so doesn't interfere with tinting. IMO.

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