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Baby shampoo, tint slime?

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Im pretty much a beginner, Ive been using tint slime, seems like my film doesnt slip enough for me when im trying to tuck into the side and bottom gaskets on side windows, does anyone recommend baby shampoo, if so how much? Or have other recommendations? Or have any other advice for me. Sometimes i end up creasing my film trying to pull it back to tuck into the bottom gasket. Im using maxpro mjp film. 

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Only j&j baby shampoo for me. I measure out 2.5-3ml per 32oz of water. You can get an oral syringe at any pharmacy to measure the baby shampoo out with, cc's is the same as ml's, my pharmacy even gives them to me for free. If you have hard water give distilled water a try, that can help as well.

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Go to the Tint Slime site for their info. In short its baby shampoo ingredients without the parts that make it baby shampoo.

Just like any slip solution you will need to work out what works best for you in a given install situation.


x 2 on using Distilled Water. 100% control on the ingredients in the water that way






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IMO, tint slime is not slippery enough for hot climates.  I used J&J for years and it really clogged up my sprayer and made a mess. 


A few months ago i switched to a generic brand of J&J at Target.  Im amazed that it leaves zero build up, no slimmy mess and for half the price.  I cant beleive ive been paying twice as much for nothing!

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I would first recommened using distilled water to tint. And second try just a tad more tint slime.

What i do is i tskr the cap off and i use it to measure. Half a cap in a spray bottle. During thr summer i use a full cap if its pre tacking on me....an oral syringe is a great idea too

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I like tint slime. The smell of j and j I'm not fond of.  To each is own. It took me some time to get a good slip amount to my liking. I have a little measuring cup with winter and summer markings. Have been on point since. I'd say play with some film and see what works best for you!  

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