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Wax pencils or sharpies???

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You want Stabilo Pencils for that kind of detail, they're made for writing on glass or film, i use them often. Stays on but can be wiped off. It's like the China markers but with a fine point. Get a cheap electric pencil sharpener, don't totally 100% sharpen the point it will just break:





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:yeah   Same as the Staedtler ones. These are all I use now.  Use the white ones on everything but 50% and 70%, use the black ones on clearer shades.  


You can’t erase Sharpie marks.  With these pencils, you can erase with your fingertip as you go.  

And they never dry out, so you won’t pick one up that doesn’t work :lol  

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2 hours ago, Super Dave said:

Does anyone know why it’s easier to draw on one side of the liner vs the other side? I was helping a design guy a while back and noticed that on particular side would be difficult to write/draw on with the was pencil. Just curious.

I suspect the release side of the liner is treated with something to aid in it not adhering to the film adhesive. 

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