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PPF on Natural Stone

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YES, I have done this twice! I did matte suntek on some marble counter tops and some granite also.  Did it in '17 and it seems to hold up fine. Understand though this is in a aspen vacation home that sees less use than most.  Everyday use could be different.  I only did this because they had their yacht done and claimed it really worked.  

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On 10/25/2019 at 4:20 PM, XPEL Jeff said:

Absolutely.  There's an existing market for this.  We've actually got an antimicrobial film that we primarily use in this application being that it is usually near food prep areas.

Yes I believe there is a strong market for this type of surface protection, its still early on but it will come up. This is what my business is tackling, especially with all the new home construction in my side of FL. In regards to the film that you have used, how long in duration will the film last after application?



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On 10/26/2019 at 2:16 PM, minty said:

I have covered 4 round marble tables and they are holding fine, been a few years now.


Perfect for Marble!! especially the fact that Marble can stain/etch very easily. 

I have found there is a sort of PPF for Stone Surfaces such as 'TuffSkin' and 'StoneGuard' when they have sent me samples. I have noticed that the film is very similar to PPF. But their 'stone' film is very over priced. 

Did you use alcohol/water solution to install?

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