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Blacking out double pane windows?

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Hi, Tintdudes. So glad I found this forum! I'm looking for advice on totally blacking out a room with two double pane windows. One window is double-hung and the other crank casement. Is it possible to black them out with window tint alone? I found a couple sites online that sell DIY tinting kits. Both do not recommend their blackout opaque tint alone for double pane windows but said I could possibly use whiteout and blackout tints together somehow. One place suggested I put a layer of whiteout opaque on the inside surface of the window and then a layer of blackout opaque on top of that. That way the sun from outside will hit the white surface and and reflect most of it while the black layer will block it from going through. Here are their tints:





The other place didn't guarrantee it would work but suggested I put a layer of whiteout on the outside surface of the window and a layer of blackout on the inside surface. Here are their tints:





Would either of these methods work and not damage my windows? I'd really like to use tint alone for this so I can keep the room totally dark and just open up the windows if I want to let light or air in. Any other suggestions?



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call a contractor and get the windows eliminated!


Or you could always tape up aluminum foil.....


I would suggest a dark tint such as Johnson's Scenic View 10 film and then a nice black out shade to go with it...at least then you still have a window if you want it.

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Hi, guys. Thanks for the replies. Well, I definitley don't want to get rid of the windows. I want to be able to open them up sometimes to let air in. One window faces west and the other north. So you don't think tint alone will be sufficient? I currently have blackout panels affixed directly to the wall which block out all the light but are difficult to open and close. You don't think the double layer suggestions above would work or be safe? Have you ever even heard of such an idea?


As to whiteout film blocking out enough light, the description of one of them says it has 17% Visible Light Transmittance. That doesn't seem to be enough. http://www.windowtint.com/downloads/day_and_night_privacy_window_film_solar_specs.pdf

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What you need is a 3M Blockout Film 3635, there are 2 of them and the one that would work best for your situation is the one with the white adhesive side and a matte black other side ( inside ).


One other issue you will have, you will need to apply a small bead of black silicone between the film and the gasket of the window frame.

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