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the virus makes you busy...if you dare

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i guess since everyone is off, they figure it's a good time to get windows done.  phone has been ringing off the hook.  but i am closed down and just take numbers to call back when things ease up.


i can't believe, when we are supposed to be keeping away from people, that so many people feel the need to leave their homes, and try to interact with someone just to have some film applied.

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I dunno... people.. are.. people. Regardless of the current situation... we do what we're gonna do. Just in general - you think people are going to react to something, anything, a specific way.. but the bottom line is, people are people. I tell my mom that all the time. You can't expect more from others then what is normally done. IMO. I would like to think that 'people rise above' in various situations..... but that's false thinking. People are people. So I'm not surprised you are getting calls regardless of the 'stay at home' / 'no work'  order of PA. I'm in Jersey.. its the same here. But I'm not working unless I get a call from someone like at a hospital or something requesting security film or something.... 


People are people. 





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I had to go to CVS today to get a rx... and in the same plaza is a diner, and they have mock car meets now and again. And today.. I pull in and there are about a dozen vettes. I was like - wtf?!?!?! I'm all for governments not dictating what their people should or should not do... but still.. when it comes to health issues.. show some common sense and compassion for your neighbors. 






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I heard about that @DynamicATL  He does seem to be acting in a foolish way...  From someone who thought the govts were over reacting 2 months ago... I've changed my views and I think the whole country should be under stay at home orders except for going to get meds and food.  Gotta limit this until they come up with a vaccine. 

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so when your bills get upto $15K . Hope you dont expect the govt to help you out . Dont expect suppliers ,tax man ,employee to wait around etc to give you a break. just do 1 car at a time only 1 customer in showroom and where a mask and gloves .

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