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Opinion on these scratches after getting window tinted

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I got my windows tinted on my 2018 Honda Accord Sport 3 days ago and it has been raining the last couple days so today i decide to check to see if there’s any bubbles and I realize there are some minor bubbles but I also find some scratches on the outside of my windows. I’m assuming the tint guy placed the tint over the window and while cutting the shape of the window the razor went through and scratched my actual glass. Can i get some opinions amd thoughts on this please. I have had 1 car tinted prior to this and never experienced this and this guy was recommened by a friend so I decided to give him a try. 





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definitiley the tinter unfortunately , 3 things could of happened 1] he had the right blade [ss] but was dull which would be a mistake , 2] he had the right blade and was sharp the way its supposed to be BUT, your glass is soft [which if thats the case it is technically his fault BUT, in A away not his fault because there is no way to know of the glass was soft prior to cutting on it, OR the worst of all he used a carbon steel which cuts the glass no matter what at which point he is 100 percent to blame, I guess the real question is it worth the hassle about a line that you didnt even know was there and  will forget about next week and likely never see it again unless your purposely staring at it , I know its not the best response but its true, almost every car in the world is full of minor dents and scratches including all over the windows BUT you dont notice them unless your really trying to. .  same case in this matter, 


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1 hour ago, mannyj said:

This car is literally brand new. I purchased it on 12/26 and on 12/27 I took it to the tint shop for tints. Checked for bubbles today to find this 

Hopefully the guy will take care of you on it. In the meantime send the pics to your buddy and say thanks for referring this guy :lol


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Definitely the Tinter’s fault. If he’s a stand up guy he’ll replace the glass. It happens even to the best of us. I’ll admit it and I’ve replaced a customer glass because I’ve scratched it. Good thing I have a plotter now and that’ll never happen again. 

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