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Detailing a Used Car


I started restoring and detailing a Lincoln LSC and will take you step by step after wash process to make her new.We will restore paint and you will learn how to sand and dye leather ,dye carpet fix dash cracks and strip and polish wheels,this will be a 2 week process so you will need to check every few days for updates Hope you will learn a thing or two you can apply to your next project Here is the victim We will start on paint tomorrow


Cool beans TB!


This is a good product to combine with my product to clean and bring up a gloss for us to work with I combine this color resto and my Castle polish cleaner that is located in the wax and sealant thread.Its the black bottle and when you put the 2 together on a terrycloth applicater ,it gives you xtra working time instead of the cleaner or polish drying to the paint so quick on oxidized surface.Im using a foam polishing pad but if you want to get quicker results faster use a yellow wool polishing pad or white wool.Im trying to revive the gloss without cutting down much paint because its a car Im keeping .

The right side of the last picture is a 2ft section that I finished.It took four seperate pass's to finally get the gloss I wanted.The left side is the oxidized untouched section of hood.When I combine my product on the applicater pad,I then put some xtra of my product that has more protective property's in it directly on surface and work into paint by hand ,then buff and when that is worked into paint use the combo thats on the applicater.I do this every other time the buffer hits the paint

Now that the hood is done ,we are going to do the fender .Sometimes depending on the paints condition ,you may have more gloss on some body parts than others.Left section of fender is done and as you can see the right side has a dull chalky film so we are getting good results from a 15 year old paint job. When we finish the hood and fenders "could be to bad to shine and have to get painted"we will take as much trim off as possable because it will need cleaning and restoring,plus we want to see if any rust has formed around the attachment clips

Castle polish /cleaner

We have emblems that need some tlc so Ill briefly show you how to make them look great too electric tooth brush's are great,spray a little quick detailer on emblem and start scrubbing sometimes a lot of quick detailer. Next I take a small needle and sand the end so its tapered at the end ,pull a little paint into needle and carefully paint what needs painting,you can take emblem off car if needed.

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